DANOBATGROUP will showcase the latest DANOBAT metal forming solutions at IMTEX FORMING 2016 in India

DANOBATGROUP will showcase the latest DANOBAT metal forming solutions at IMTEX FORMING 2016 in India

15-01-2016 - 15-01-2016

Latest DANOBAT sheet metal developments will be showcased from 21 to 26 January in Hall 2 stand B106 at IMTEX FORMING 2016 in Bangalore.

As a highlight DANOBATGROUP will present to the Indian market the new DANOBAT coil fed fiber laser cutting system. DANOBAT expands with this new development its fiber laser cutting product line, presenting a new machine that takes full advantage of all the benefits offered by fiber laser cutting technology (efficiency, speed, versatility, minimal maintenance, etc.), and the benefits arising from the use of metal coils (up to 15% savings in materials cost and improved sheet utilisation).

The system is comprised of a coil feeding line and an integrated laser cutting module that work together for continuous operation. The feeding line is equipped with an uncoiler, a straightener and a looping pit which stores the straightened material for processing. The laser consists of a fiber laser generator and a cutting head which moves in sync with the sheet to obtain the desired geometries. Unloading of parts can be automated using different systems—robots, stackers, etc.—depending on the customer´s needs. Its modular design permits the integration of multiple heads in order to increase process´s productivity. The machine can be for different applications, such as: Automotive (Structural parts of vehicles), cookware (Discs for pots, frying pans, paella dishes, etc.), Metal silos (Roof sections for metal silos), Light fixture bodies, etc.

Apart from this new development, DANOBATGROUP will tackle the Indian market with a new approach offering instead of stand-alone sheet metal machines, customised solutions to meet each customer requirement. Far beyond merely supplying machinery, DANOBATGROUP works as a technological partner providing engineering solutions which are conceived in close collaboration with end users resulting in systems, comprising the machinery, tools and accessories, hence offering a complete final tailor-made solution. The company will offer to the Indian market the most suitable solution for processing a workpiece in the most efficient and productive way.