DANOBATGROUP presents the latest developments of DANOBAT and SORALUCE at the METALLOBRABOTKA in Moscow

DANOBATGROUP presents the latest developments of DANOBAT and SORALUCE at the METALLOBRABOTKA in Moscow

15-05-2017 - 19-05-2017

Yet another year, DANOBATGROUP will exhibit its products at the METALLOBRABOTKA, the main machine tool trade fair held yearly in Russia.

This edition, DANOBATGROUP will showcase the latest technology and solutions of DANOBAT and SORALUCE, particularly highlighting advanced machines featuring smart components (singular developments geared to obtaining enhanced accuracy and productivity in workpiece finishing); specialised solutions for the manufacture of high value-added components for the most demanding industrial sectors, as well as projects for turnkey installations that span preliminary engineering work, the study of machining and inspection processes, technical specifications and supply of equipment, part conveying systems, as well as the installation and commissioning of a complete production line in any part of the world.

The stand will also have a virtual reality area showing the latest projects and developments in an innovative and interactive way using new technology.

Some of the DANOBAT solutions on display are the following fields and developments:

Solutions for the railway sector
The latest DANOBAT developments in equipment for railway maintenance workshops will be displayed with preventive and corrective maintenance solutions for a wide range of vehicles, such as for example high-speed trains, locomotives, commuter trains, trams and metros.

In this field, DANOBAT will also display a comprehensive solution for the maintenance of rolling stock parts. This new solution consists of a measuring unit of train wheels, wheelset optimisation software and a new range of underfloor wheel lathes. The new development is especially geared to increasing the life-span of wheelsets by some 25% and decreasing maintenance costs.

Solutions for the aerospace sector
DANOBAT, leading supplier in solutions for the aerospace sector, will show unique solutions for the manufacture and maintenance of critical components of aircraft engines (rotor, stator, blades and main axes) and landing gear.

DANOBAT has solid experience in advanced manufacturing processes and in the development of specific equipment incorporating the latest technology. This enables DANOBAT to ensure compliance with requirements for reliability, production and quality demanded by original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) and leading companies worldwide in aircraft maintenance. This is the reason why 95% of the world´s airlines use DANOBAT machines for machining their critical components.

DANOBAT offers a full range for the grinding of the blade tips, stators and landing gear. The advantages of the use of DANOBAT machines are , among other, a reduction of fuel consumption and improved thrust force. In addition, the strict operation tolerances reduce noise output of engines considerably.

Solutions for oil & gas
In the area of DANOBAT solutions for oil & gas, specific machine tool developments for finishing of OCTG pipes and hoses will be on display, as well as the manufacture of high pressure valves and balls for ball valves.
DANOBAT supplies advanced machines, component management and/or automation and process development adjusted to customer production specs. DANOBAT solutions integrate and manage machines, tools and other auxiliary equipment.

DANOBAT provides solutions for high production levels of components for the oil and gas industry, adapting to the particular automation requirements of each customer.

Metal forming
In the field of metal forming, the new DANOBAT system for Coil-fed laser blanking will be presented. This concept is geared towards a significant saving of the material to be processed and a greater production output as a direct result from the reduced downtimes of the machine. This concerns a high-output machine combining the advantages of fibre technology applied to laser cutting (efficiency, speed, versatility, minimal maintenance, etc.), with the benefits arising from the use of metal coils (saving on the cost of the material of up to 15% and better use of the sheet). Furthermore, solutions for sheet metal applications will also be on display: doors and metal furniture, lighting, utensils, knives and electrical cabinets, and more.

In addition, the most innovative projects and developments of SORALUCE will be on display, among which the following solutions:

Solutions for machining large dimensions
The new SORALUCE PXG-W gantry multifunction with adjustable crossbeam will be presented for machining large parts offering precision and versatility on a large scale, with the ability to perform milling and turning operations on one single machine.  With a volume of 1,000 m3 and a weight of 500 tons, the dimensions of this model are: 19m in longitudinal direction, 7.25m between columns, and 7,3m height; this height is configurable thanks to the 5m vertical travel of the crossbeam. The machine meets multi-tasking and flexibility requirements, maximizing production and minimizing set-ups.

In addition, SORALUCE will present its range of milling-boring machines and large vertical lathes, provided with the latest technologies and innovative solutions in the segment of large size machines.

Solutions for the energy sector

Also, SORALUCE displays solutions in milling, boring and vertical turning for different energy sectors, such as wind power, nuclear, thermal and gas sectors, offering high precision and reliability. The robust design and the cast structure yield high levels of chip removal on low machinability materials.

The F, VTC and P range of SORALUCE makes it possible to perform extremely complex machining operations, reducing the number set-ups, cycle times and possible errors while at the same time fulfilling multi-tasking and versatility requirements.

DANOBATGROUP trusts that this fair will consolidate its position in Russia even more, and strengthen its relationships with local and international clients.