DANOBATGROUP exhibits its solutions for maintenance at the LONDON ROLLING STOCK FLEET congress

DANOBATGROUP exhibits its solutions for maintenance at the LONDON ROLLING STOCK FLEET congress

04-12-2015 - 04-12-2015

DANOBATGROUP co-sponsors the Rolling Stock Fleet Maintenancecongress that will be held in London from 9 to 10 December.

Ander Azkarate, head of the department research and innovation for solutions in the railway sector, will explain the procedure of the company when a new project for the railway sector is started and how the final delivery goes far beyond simply supplying a machine.

Among other things, the importance will be shown of DANOBAT acting as a technology partner in the railway sector providing complete solutions to maintenance workshops of trains, manufacturing workshops of axles of rolling stock and maintenance workshops of wheels; from project planning to final implementation, including the supply of the required railway equipment and technology.

Attendees will be able to learn about real cases of companies in the sector that have contracted DANOBAT services for automation of disassembly, repair, reassembly and final inspection of bogies and railway axles.

Ander Azkarate also discusses how the company has developed algorithms and advanced software features to provide a complete solution for the most advanced facilities worldwide in maintenance of bogies and wheelsets.

The innovative DANOBAT DTR, or Dynamic Train Bogie Test Rig, will also be presented. A solution in maintenance focussed on the condition, in this case, assessing the condition of the rotating parts of the bogie and the bearings.

The congress, organized by the London Business Conferences and co-sponsored by DANOBATGROUP, is an event for professionals in the railway sector where more than 25 speakers will present real cases on innovation in railway maintenance improving reliability and safety, while containing costs. The goal is to have a round-table debate with professionals contributing with their specific knowledge and experience.