DANOBATGROUP China to exhibit at CIMT 2013 from 22 to 27 April in Beijing

19-04-2013 - 19-04-2013
DANOBATGROUP will exhibit the latest developments and technologies of its two product brands, DANOBAT and SORALUCE, at the 12th China International Machine Tool Show -CIMT 2013-. DANOBATGROUP will showcase in Hall E4, stand 101, the floor type milling-boring centre SORALUCE FR-14000, the worldwide patented SORALUCE Modular quill spindle, the DANOBAT HG-91-3000 grinding machine and the DANOBAT TH-500 horizontal lathe . Detailed information of other products such as lathes, band saw machines, plasma 3D, boring-milling machines, turnkey solutions for the railway industry, drilling units, grinding, punching, automatic bending, and laser cutting machines will be also provided in the stand. SORALUCE FR-14000 floor type milling-boring centre The SORALUCE FR-14000 milling boring centre is a multi-purpose milling and boring machine. Its rigid and stable design provides the highest precision and productivity benefits when machining large components. The modular design of the machine offers remarkable versatility and can be equipped with a large range of optional accessories, enabling the machine to be adapted to customer’s needs with high efficiency and precision. The heavy duty design in conjunction with the machine high dynamics offers the proven optimum in power and cutting speed capabilities. It is the ideal solution for machining components belonging to sectors such as energy , ship-building and capital goods. The machine has 14000 mm longitudinal traverse, 4500 vertical traverse and 1900 mm cross traverse and is equipped with automatic universal head indexing at 0,001ºx0,001º with 46 kW at 4000 rpm and 850 mm length fixed horizontal boring head with 37 kW at 3000 rpm. Worldwide patented Modular quill spindle The SORALUCE Modular quill system interchange between the quill spindle andthe rest of the heads is fully automated, thus allowing to having different quill spindles with different diameters and lengths , and all necessary milling heads to machine components, such as orthogonal head, fixed horizontal head, etc. with milling power of up to 60 kW. Comparing to traditional quill solutions, the SORALUCE exclusive modular quill spindle allows the same distance between quill spindle and milling heads to be upheld, allowing 5-sided machining in the same set-up without any additional positioning of the workpiece. Besides this, maintenance work can be carried out whilst the machine is working with any of the other milling heads in use on the machine. Real advantages orientated in one direction: avoiding non-productive time, improving productivity and maximising customer's benefits. DANOBAT HG-91-3000 grinding machine The HG-92-3000 of high precision CNC heavy duty cylindrical grinding machine on display at CIMT 2013 has been specifically developed for grinding of railway axles. This machine provides a maximum between-centres distance of 3000 mm, grinding external diameters up to 500 mm on workpieces weighing up to 1500 kg. The hydrostatic wheelhead spindles ensure high rigidity and excellent damping capacity, providing excellent mirror like finishes on the ground components. It permits to assemble wheels up to 750 mm achieving a high stock removal and reducing the number of operations. This machine is equipped with two wheelheads for a higher production. Multiwheel machine configuration allows to grind the component in one single set-up. These hydrostatic wheelheads provide the best combination of rigidity, precision and productivity. This HG-91 is also equipped with the DanMDM multi-diameter absolute gauging system for in-process gauging. Measurements can be carried out before, during and after grinding, with DanOp front-end programming system making any necessary corrections as a function of measured values. The user-friendly DanOp software minimises set-up as it enables the operator to complete the machine settings, the wheel-dressing management and the grinding programming quickly and easily. The range includes models with distance between centres up to 5000 mm, maximum external grinding diameter 850 mm and parts weighing up to 5000 kg. HG series can accommodate wheels up to 915 mm diameter and CBN, diamond or carborundum wheels can be used depending on the application. DANOBAT TH-500 horizontal lathe The TH-500 horizontal lathe on display at CIMT has been developed to suit the machining needs of Automotive Gearbox shafts. This model has been designed taking into account the special characteristics of this application and having in mind as main objectives the productivity increase and the cost reduction. TH-500 series with 2, 4 and more controlled axis movements, has been modularly designed with a wide range of options, that allow adaptation of our machines to customer’s specific requirements. The latest technologies are utilized to achieve the highest rigidity and precision. The modularity in the design makes it possible to achieve the shortest lead time and the optimum cost for a machine made to order.
The main machine base and slides are built from die cast alloys of DIN GG - 30 quality, and receive stabilization treatment. This results in an extremely high level of rigidity and excellent shock absorption properties. The spindles are assembled on ultraprecision bearings, allowing them to work at very high speed. Depending on the customer’s requirements DANOBAT can offer several spindle designs: conventional , integrated spindles with motor built-in and hydrostatic. The machine has been designed with integrated loading / unloading system which allows productivity increases of 25%. This system uses the existing axes of the machine . The machine is equipped with tool measuring system, integrated loading and unloading devices, and tool collision & breakage control system. Steady rests are also available, as option.