Committed to people, the environment and society

"The world has not been given to us simply to contemplate it but to transform it."

J.M Arizmendiarrieta

In DANOBATGROUP our actions rest on the principles of transparency, participation and efficiency in order to transmit fundamental values to people, the environment and society. We are an active part of the communities we serve and with whom we collaborate. We strive to boost initiatives to improve culture, the environment, employment and welfare.

For more than 60 years now, a part of the profits is invested in activities to provide value-added employment and progress in society.

Personal development and generation of employment

DANOBATGROUP is a socio-corporate project based on people and their integral development that through entrepreneurial success pursues profitable and sustainable growth as well as wealth and employment in the environment.


Our success is based on the commitment and active involvement of our highly-qualified professionals. Continuous learning is an essential part of our work team. We are constantly improving our skills and knowledge to always keep you one step ahead.

Social commitment

We are strongly committed to society and provide support to numerous initiatives to boost and sustain a social economy in the geographical scope of our entrepreneurial actions. Furthermore we endeavour to foster socio-cooperative and vocational education and training as well as support and encourage socio-cultural and welfare activities, stimulate solidarity and inter-cooperation. Finally we strive to enhance research and development by supporting initiatives that bring about new activities and special interest projects.

Social works

Social works







Driving the Basque language

From the very beginning, DANOBATGROUP has been aware of the importance of the Basque language and culture.

We are involved in a number of initiatives that are taken in the towns where our workshops are located, and we provide support for these initiatives.

Currently, DANOBATGROUP has schemes in place to intensify the use of Basque, to influence employee motivation and to improve knowledge of Basque.

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Sustainability and commitment to the environment

Sustainability DANOBATGROUP

We pursue a sustainable growth by acting with respect for the environment in our daily activities in order to achieve a more prosperous, healthier and fairer society for both present and future generations.

To do this we endeavour to balance economic success and social welfare in a manner compatible with the environment.

We work to increase productivity of our customers with the introduction of innovative and sustainable technology solutions that yield an optimal performance and reduce energy consumption and pollution.

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