We are a benchmark in machine tools and intend to be the same in sustainability.  We are committed to the development of a collective business project, which drives long-term profitable and sustainable growth.

We are clear that our singular way of doing things has marked out the path, and it has made it possible for us to take firm steps in the incorporation of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria in our strategy.

A road map in which our daily management blends in with the targets of the United Nations Agenda 2030, and hence, we continue to contribute social, environmental and economic value as we have been doing since the moment of our founding.

Ethical and cooperative governance

Danobatgroup is made up of a group of Cooperative Companies that operate in accordance with an Inclusive-Participative Model.  A Cooperative Governance system geared towards consolidating a business culture based on the principles of transparency, participation and integrity, and which establishes mechanisms for mitigating possible risks and determining the relationships with its stakeholders.

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People are our main asset. For this reason, we are committed to strategic management of talent, so that our human capital can develop their full potential, satisfy their aspirations and meet their goals. And all this in a safe and healthy environment, where equality of opportunity is paramount, and in which innovation, applied to all fields, is embedded in our DNA. 


Danobatgroup was founded with the vocation to transform its environment through the generation of employment, creation of wealth and well-being, social cohesion, economic progress and the promotion of the Basque language and culture. Thus, we are continuing to play an active role in the communities which we serve by promoting and supporting initiatives for economic and social development that create a positive impact on our environment.

Within this area Danobatgroup launched in 2018 the program "Elkarrekin Eragin" to support the development of social transformation projects through the active participation of workers from the group´s cooperatives. In 2021, the second edition of this programme was launched, in which we are involved over the next three years working on these three programmes:


Danobatgroup will contribute to the renovation of the Santa Clara Convent in Elgoibar, which has been made available by the town council to the Autism Association of the Gipuzkoa province (GAUTENA) to improve the services of the organisation in the Deba valley. The project intends to adapt the convent facilities to give the families a larger and more suitable space for organising the carer respite programmes of the Association, convert the facilities into a connection point between the entity and the families in the region, and offer older people that are in day care centres a large green space to join programmes especially geared to them.

The Walk On Project (WOP) Foundation is committed to funding research projects to develop therapies for neurodegenerative diseases and raise social awareness. Danobatgroup will continue the initiative started in the previous edition of "Elkarrekin Eragin" to boost research in neurodegenerative diseases and support clinical trials of a new stem cell-based therapy for leukodystrophy in children.


BIZIPOZA, is an organisation made up of 35 associations aimed at promoting the welfare of families and children with special needs. Danobatgroup will participate in the development of an educational guide to strengthen awareness of the different socio-economic realities and to advance in the construction of an inclusive society. The group also supports the launch of the initiative "Local Volunteering: BIZIPOZA kilometre zero", a project that seeks to promote local solidarity.


Since its beginning, Danobatgroup has been especially aware of Basque and the Basque culture.

We participate in and support several initiatives in the community and we have implemented schemes for Basque that seek to increase the language being used and studied, and have an impact on the motivation of our workers.

All action and initiatives are aimed at normalising the presence, use and management of Basque in the socio-economic area.

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Sustainability DANOBATGROUP

We pursue sustainable growth through ensuring the protection and care of the environment, as well as promoting management that respects our resources. We support continuous improvement as a reference framework for establishing objectives that prevent pollution and improve our environmental performance. 

WE ARE IN A UNIQUE ECOSYSTEM, the Basque Precision Technology District

BPTD is part of a strategy that seeks the collaboration and alignment of all those who make up the industrial ecosystem of the Lower Deba region and adjacent districts: businesses, agencies and institutions, to create a "New innovative and sustainable framework of work, at the service of growing industrial economy".

Located halfway between the 3 Basque capitals (one of the most advanced regions in the world, ranking 81st in GDP per capita out of a total of 330 OECD regions), BPTD enjoys a strategic position thanks to the excellent, constantly improving infrastructure and easy access to the major airports.

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