MAN Diesel & TurboHigh-precision grinding machine for turbo-compressors for various models of marine engines


  • A complete solution for grinding turbine rotors for marine engines for different models of vessel.
  • Workpieces 183 mm to 420 mm in diameter & 320 mm to 720 mm in length, with blades made from Inconel.


  • A horizontal grinder with various systems to optimise the process and enable all machining operations to be performed on a single grinding machine.
  • Workpieces with surface tolerance IT05 & roughness Ra 0.4.
  • Workpiece roughing of up to 50 mm.
  • Workpiece machining with only 2 grinding wheels. The customer previously needed 50 wheels.


HG-92 horizontal grinding machine.

  • Dual grinding wheelhead mounted on the B-axis slide.
  • Grinding wheel designed by DANOBAT for grinding the different blade diameters via a contouring process with no need for different grinding wheels for each workpiece model.
  • Spindles mounted on hydrostatic bearings. Maximum stiffness and maximum vibration damping capacity.
  • Motorised tailstock with programmable positioning and automatic blocking. Workpiece changing has practically no influence on set-up time.
  • Continuous diamond dressing system that dresses the wheel during grinding, thus significantly increasing productivity.
  • DAN-OP software.  Highly user-friendly conversational programming capable of performing complex calculations.
  • DANOBAT MDM multi-diameter measuring system. In-process measuring for various diameters.
  • Touch probe indicating the position of the part clamped between centres via axial references.
  • Non-contact laser for blade measuring, enabling the different shapes of the blades to be measured.


MAN Diesel & Turbo High-precision grinding machine for turbo-compressors for various models of marine engines

MAN Diesel & Turbo is one of the world market leader for large diesel engines for use in ships and one of the leading suppliers of diesel power stations and turbo machines. The company operates more than 100 international locations and the range of products and services that they offer includes complete marine drive systems, turbo-machinery trains for both the oil and gas industries and process engineering, as well as turnkey power plants.

The client approached DANOBAT looking for a complete solution for grinding different ship engine turbine wheels for each model of ship. These are parts of between 183 mm-420 mm in diameter and 320-720 mm in length with blades made of Inconel.


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