Grupos DiferencialesCustomised grinding machines for machining gears


  • Production of advanced, high-value-added gears from hard-to-machine materials with tight tolerances.
  • Increasing efficiency and competitiveness.
  • A flexible, adaptable solution.
  • Completing workpieces in a single set-up.
  • Strict quality standards.
  • Improving the tolerance and roughness of the components machined.
  • Superfinishing. Components with Ra 0.1


  • Two highly versatile grinding machines, one horizontal and the other vertical, able to turn, measure and grind workpieces of different sizes.
  • Machining of workpieces (Horizontal HG) of up to 2000 mm in length, 640 mm in diameter and 1.5 tonnes in weight.
  • Machining of workpieces (Vertical VG) of up to 1000 mm in diameter, 700 mm in height and 3 tonnes in weight.


VG-1000 vertical grinding machine.

  • Multi-position head (B-axis) for hard turning and grinding of workpieces
  • Measuring arm for measuring inner & outer diameters, faces & cones.  Repeatability of less than 1 micron & dimensional geometry of less than 5 microns.
  • High stiffness and stability for tough, hard turning processes.
  • Main magnetic clamping system for manufacturing medium and large diameters.
  • Self-centring jaw chuck for batches of smaller parts.

HG-72 horizontal grinder.

  • Specific toolings for grinding in a single set-up.
  • A head made up of three grinding wheels for machining external diameters, faces and threads.
  • Head powered by a 45 kW motor for peripheral speeds of up to 45 m/s and grinding wheels with a maximum diameter of 610 mm.
  • DANOBAT MDM-300 multi-diameter measuring system. In-process measuring with a repeatability of  ± 1.5 microns.
  • Filtration unit capable of filtering up to 15 microns...


Grupos Diferenciales Customised grinding machines for machining gears

DANOBAT has been developing two highly versatile grinding machines for Grupos Diferenciales. These grinders will make it possible to turn, grind and measure large parts using a high-efficiency process that ensures the utmost quality.

The challenge

Grupos Diferenciales, which specialises in producing high-tech gears for mechanical transmissions used in sectors such as the automotive industry, maritime transport, railway and aeronautics, performs technologically advanced tasks while providing high added value, using difficult to machine materials with close tolerances.


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