DANOBAT bandsaws provide comprehensive solutions for solid bars, tubes and metal sheet with utmost precision.

Automatic and semi-automatic wagon or gantry style horizontal bandsaws as well as vertical bandsaws are developed adapting the solution to each customer’s requirements.

Any vibration during the cutting cycle is completely suppressed because of the polymer concrete filling of the columns and heads on the DANOBAT saws. This is particularly important when sawing materials that are hard to cut. The saw head is designed and manufactured in one single piece.

The parts of the saw head are assembled and then placed on a special machining center to be able to machine all critical surfaces in one single setup, ensuring that all the mounting points for band wheels and band guides are in exactly the same plane, and that the path of the saw blade is accurately positioned in the saw head construction.

Horizontal cutting solution

High output and precision cutting

Up to 1300 mm of workpiece diameter

Vertical cutting solution

Cutting of plates and large blocks of materials that are difficult to machine

Up to workpieces of 2500 mm throat

Up to workpieces of 2500 mm height

Heavy-duty cutting solution

Handling of irregularly shaped and bulky parts

Workpieces from a diameter of 1000 mm onwards