Coil fed laser cutting solution applied to Vollrath PujadasLaser cutting solution applied to cookware industry for disc manufacturing


To provide an efficient system for producing discs on site that enables any diameter to be manufactured without resorting to outsourcing.


DANOBAT proposed a coil fed laser cutting flexible line to increase efficiency in the use of the material and provide great flexibility in production.


Vollrath Pujadas is more competitive because it has integrated discs manufacturing into its chain of production.

The DANOBAT coil fed laser cutting line also gives the firm greater flexibility in short production runs, making the best possible use of material.

DANOBAT listened to us, understood our specific needs perfectly and were willing to customise their technology to meet those needs.

Vollrath Pujadas Coil-fed laser-cutting solution for manufacturing discs for cookware industry 3
  • Jesús Planchart
  • Technical Manager
  • Vollrath Pujadas, SAU.

Vollrath Pujadas

Coil fed laser LB machine for disc cutting for cookware industry
Coil fed laser LB machine efficiency for disc cutting for cookware industry


Jesús Planchart, Technical Manager of Vollrath Pujadas, SAU.

What challenge did this project hold?

The challenge was to be able to make discs of any diameter that we needed without the limitations on shape and lead time that we encountered with our regular suppliers, and at the same time to optimise materials and cut costs.

What improvements have been achieved with DANOBAT?

Our customers require increasingly customised products, which means that the number of items in our catalogue is always increasing. This caused us problems with lead times for procuring discs for use as raw materials, and led to major storage space requirements. With the new machine we make only those blanks that we actually need, thus doing away with the need to stockpile them. 

What advantages does coil fed laser technology have over conventional technologies?

Our suppliers manufacture discs on presses, and can thus only make those diameters for which they have the right dies. Although they can offer high productivity, this system is too inflexible for our requirements.

What are the advantages of coil fed solutions instead of working with formats?

The coil fed laser system frees up the space formerly used for storage and also saves money. Each time we feed in a coil the machine can meet all our needs for material uninterruptedly, i.e. with no stopping for loading and unloading.

How was the experience of working with DANOBAT?

DANOBAT was capable of identifying our needs on designing the project, and through close cooperation with us was able to customise the machine to our production requirements at Vollrath Pujadas.

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