Vertical lathes

Vertical lathes have been designed to create new high standards of turning and machining capabilities for users in the most demanding industries.

Precision and quality in turning, hard turning, grinding, milling, drilling and measuring operations. They can also incorporate special heads/spindles for the most demanding customisations.


Advanced machines for automotive wheels

Exceptional stability for wheels up 610 mm

Ergonomic tool change

Possibility of axis movement and turret rotation from both sides of the machine

Vertical turning


Cross slide vertical lathe

Workpiece OD: up to 1500 mm

Workpiece length: up to 800 mm

Vertical turning
Internal cylindrical grinding
External cylindrical grinding
Surface grinding

VTC (Ø > 2100, Ø < 4000)

High-precision multifunctional machine

Turning diameter: 2100 ÷ 4000 mm

Maximum height RAM-table: 1800 ÷ 3070 mm

Spindle power: 22 ÷ 40 kW

VTC (Ø > 5000, Ø < 8000)

High-precision multitasking machine for large-sized components

Turning diameter: 5000 / 8000 mm

Maximum height RAM-table: 3250 ÷ 6200 mm

Spindle power: 30 ÷ 40 kW