TA-D - Bed type milling machines with rotary table

High capacities in a compact machine
TA-D Bed type milling machine SORALUCE
TA-D Bed type milling machine SORALUCE

The SORALUCE TA-D is a bed type milling machine with a built-in rotary table, which is distinguished by its flexibility and placement combination possibilities.

The machine is fitted with a 1000 x 1000 / 1250 x 1250 / Ø 1400 mm rotary table for positioning and interpolation operations and with vertical stepless heads with high-capacity motor spindles

It stands out thanks to its durable precision and its excellent stock removal capacity, resulting from a design and assembly process adhering to the strictest standards.

It is the ideal machine for manufacturers of high precision moulds and matrices for medium sized pieces.

Longitudinal traverse, “X” axis: 2000 ÷ 3500 mm

Cross traverse, “Y” axis: 1200 mm

Vertical traverse, “Z” axis: 1250 mm




TA-D 20

TA-D 25

Longitudinal traverse “X” axis




Vertical traverse “Z” axis



Cross traverse “Y” axis



Table area


1000 x 1000 / 1250 x 1250 / Ø 1400

Spindle power


16 / 25 / 74

Spindle speed range


4000 / 5000 / 12000 / 18000 / 24000

Rapid traverse



Tool magazine

No. tools

20 / 40 / 60

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Machining operations

TA-D Mould measuring SORALUCE

Mould measuring

TA-D Rough and finish mould machining SORALUCE

Rough and finish mould machining

TA-D Flexible machining-with universal head and rotary table option SORALUCE

Flexible machining with universal head and integrated rotary table option


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