Sheet Metal Division of Danobatgroup installs in USA a unique laser blanking solution with X-GAP system

Sheet Metal Division of Danobatgroup installs in USA a unique laser blanking solution with X-GAP system

  • This new machine has been developed for Carlsen Precision Manufacturing´s Center of Excellence in the state of Georgia and will be the first of its kind installed in the USA.
  • The new X-GAP development integrated in the DANOBAT LB coil fed laser cutting machine is a unique and own solution (patent pending) for the automatic separation of parts and scrap inside the laser, which allows an optimization of production and facilitates the automatic stacking of the final parts.

Danobatgroup´s Sheet Metal Division has reached a collaboration agreement with Carlsen Precision Manufacturing for the supply of a fully automated DANOBAT LB coil-fed laser system with integrated X-GAP system, as well as for a joint promotion in the American market through the fostering of precision laser blanking solutions to be developed at Carlsen Precision Manufacturing´s new center of excellence, located in Rome (GA).

Carlsen is an expansion of the 98 year old, successful family business, Larsen & Shaw Limited of Ontario, Canada. It is a Precision Manufacturing Center of Excellence that offers quality and service to a wide variety of industrial OEMs and distributors in the industrial, vehicular, medical, commercial and architectural markets.

The new coil fed laser solution, which is scheduled to be installed in November of this year, is ready to process steel up to 4mm thick, and features a 6kw fiber laser. This machine offers multiple advantages resulting from the use of metal coil, such as savings in raw material due to better utilization of the sheet metal, constant work rates and lower cost per part. DANOBAT LB´s laser blanking technology reduces energy consumption compared to alternatives such as press lines, and is more efficient and flexible.

In addition, the machine incorporates Danobatgroup´s Sheet Metal Division’s unique and own (patent pending) development called X-GAP. This new system allows the automatic separation of parts and scrap within the work table. The machine also features a modern robotic part unloading system with vision, which allows automatic stacking of finished parts on-the-fly. A solution that optimizes productivity and guarantees the reliability of the finished parts.

This unique development has been the result of a joint work between the technicians of both companies to meet the challenges that this machine will face in the center of excellence, as Carlsen Precision Manufacturing required a very flexible solution to produce parts of very different types and sizes, and for different sectors, as well as the most efficient and reliable production possible for the high precision required by the customers who hire its services.

This is the first reference for Danobatgroup´s Sheet Metal division for this type of solution in the USA, a market which, together with the Canadian one, is strategic for the business and where it aspires to set new references in the coming years.


About Carlsen Precision Manufacturing

Carlsen is built as a Center of Excellence from site development, building construction, state-of-the-art equipment & processes and the selection of the finest staff that align with the Values of the company. Carlsen is a precision manufacturer working closely with regional customers to produce an expanded product line.


About Larsen & Shaw Limited & Carlsen Precision Manufacturing

Since 1919, Lasrsen & Shaw has been an international leader in hinges, hardware and custom metal stampings for a multitude of industries. Its 95 employees are dedicated to continually improving their capabilities to enable their customers´ success backed by technical support, customized or standard products and competitive pricing.

Carlsen Precision Manufacturing is a center of excellence promoted by Larsen & Shaw in the United States. It has state-of-the-art equipment to provide services and solutions in precision metal stamping and laser cutting manufacturing for various industries.

Sheet Metal Division of Danobatgroup installs in USA a unique laser blanking solution with X-GAP system