Milling boring. Excellent stock removal and high-precision finishing.
  • Machining in roughing and finishing
  • Machining from raw blocks
  • Horizontal and vertical machining
  • Machining in finish by interpolation
  • Deep drilling operations
  • Automatic universal heads and motor spindles for multiple milling and drilling operations
  • Internal / external cooling of the spindle
  • Automatic tool changing
Longitudinal traverse, “X” axis: 2000 ÷ 3500 mm
Cross traverse, “Y” axis: 1200 mm

Longitudinal traverse, "X" axis: 2500 ÷ 4500 mm
Vertical traverse, “Z” axis: 1600 mm

Longitudinal traverse, “X” axis : 3000 ÷ 10000 mm
Vertical traverse, “Y” axis: 1800 / 2200 mm

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