Preventive maintenance

We have collaboration agreements for regularly checking machine status and for maintenance and repair of malfunctions according to an agreed framework of areas to check.


Machine levelling check and geometric alignment

To ensure that our equipment produces high quality components we carry out a complete check of the geometry using laser interferometer, ballbar, etc. and in the event of faults the necessary adjustments and compensations are made.


Original spare parts

We have a wide stock of original spare parts (more than 100,000 references) ready to be sent to the client immediately. Our technical service provides support to find the right part and proceeds to send the item in the shortest possible time.

At the same time we offer head kits and mechanical, electrical and hydraulic spare parts to reduce downtime to a minimum and to facilitate optimisation of the inventory.


Head and measuring unit maintenance

Repair, maintenance and remodelling of heads and proprietary measuring units, including temporary replacement: we have replacement heads to minimise machine downtime.

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