Machine tool components

Milling boring. Precision and high-performance in large-sized pieces.
  • Close tolerances in straightness and parallelism
  • High-quality finished surfaces
  • High-capacity stock removal
  • Various machining operations on one single machine: milling, drilling, threading, precision boring
  • Machining with the minimum number of piece set-ups, attaching the piece onto the rotary-travelling table
  • Pendular machining 
  • Long longitudinal,  cross and vertical travels
  • Configurable working area thanks to the rotary tables, rotary-travelling tables, floor plates
  • Advanced SORALUCE technology: Ram Balance, Modular Quill, DAS system, etc.
  • Extensive range of milling and boring heads
  • Automatic head and tool changing
Distance between columns: 3500 ÷ 4000 mm
Distance from the table to the spindle nose: 1620 mm

Distance between columns: 3000 ÷ 4500 mm
Distance from the table to the spindle nose: 2300 mm

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