Coil fed laser cutting and marking automatic solutions ideal for kit manufacturing

laser cutting HVAC
  • Increased productivity thanks to the automating and integration of manufacturing processes in short and long production runs.

  • Reduction in manufacturing costs and machine down-times
  • Increased flexibility for manufacturing heater housings, air conditioning systems, heat exchangers, protective covers and a wide variety of parts used this sector.
  • Possibility of processing a wide range of materials and thicknesses (e.g. mild steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, pre-painted steel, etc.)
  • Tailored projects to meet the customer´s needs.
A tailor-made solution for each application
Reduction in costs thanks to the use of a coil feeding system.

Specialization in large working areas
Modular automation

Maximum productivity and quality levels in rectangular parts
Production of finished parts and separation of scrap

Specialization in large working areas
Modular automation

High productivity in panel bending
A highly versatile and flexible machine

From raw material to finished parts in a single system
Fully customised cutting & bending line solutions

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