Gas and steam turbine casing

Milling, boring and turning. High-performance machining solutions.
Energy turbine casing FXR-16000-W SORALUCE
Energy turbine casing FXR-16000-W SORALUCE
Energy turbine casing FXR-16000-W SORALUCE
Energy Turbine casing FXR-16000-W SORALUCE
  • Large volumes of work
  • Multifunctional configuration: milling and turning on same machine
  • Pendular machining with various workstations, mobile rotary tables and large-scale turning tables allowing non-stop machining
  • Wide range of milling, boring and turning heads, as well as special heads, allowing all manner of operations on the same machine
  • Excellent stock removal capacity and high levels of precision on the same machine
  • Automatic head changing system
  • Tool magazine with up to 300 tools, with a robotic tool changing system (optional) to facilitate the fitting/removal of long/heavy tools
  • Automatic tool changing
  • Advanced SORALUCE technology: Ram Balance, Modular Quill, DAS system
  • Turnkey project: specific development of tools, equipment and heads, CAD-CAM process, training and assistance during production
Longitudinal traverse, “X” axis: 6000 ÷ n x 2000 mm
Vertical traverse, “Y” axis: 6000 ÷ 8000 mm

Distance between columns: 6000 - 7000 – 8000 – 9000 mm
Distance from the table to the spindle nose: 2000 - 7000 mm

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