De Rooy SlijpcentrumGrinding of large workpieces


  • To find a highly flexible solution for grinding workpieces with widely differing shapes up to  8000 x 3000 x 1600 mm & 30 tonnes.
  • A highly stable grinder capable of working 24/7.


  • Precision up to 2 microns.
  • Grinder prepared for high-output working: 100 hours per week.


SG surface grinder:

  • Two heads: 1 surface-grinding head & a second grinding head capable of swivelling in any direction.
  • Perfect interpolation of table movement with grinding wheel movement, enabling curved surfaces to be ground.
  • Mechanical & electronic safety system, guaranteeing safe operation & protection for workpieces.
  • High stiffness & thermal stability, guaranteeing high levels of precision & repeatability.

With the DANOBAT grinding machine we can obtain a precision of 2 microns on workpieces measuring 8000x3000x1600 mm and weighing 30 tonnes.

  • Adam De Rooy & Dirk De Rooy
  • Owners
  • De Rooy Slijpcentrum

De Rooy Slijpcentrum

De Rooy Slijpcentrum Grinding of large workpieces 1
De Rooy Slijpcentrum Grinding of large workpieces 2


De Rooy Slijpcentrum Grinding of large workpieces

Milling, and since some two years also measuring, workpieces up to three metres in width has been quite common at De Rooy Slijpcentrum from Nuenen (the Netherlands) for some time now; but grinding was another story. But that is a thing of the past now. With the purchase of a new DANOBAT surface grinder the company can now also machine the largest workpieces with the utmost accuracy.

"We managed to handle wide workpieces for milling and measuring, but for grindingwe were limited to a width of 1700 mm and a workpiece weight of 10 tonnes." says Dirk De Rooy, who leads the company together with his brother Adam. Now, with the arrival of the brand new DANOBAT surface grinder this February, that limitation is overcome.


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