Laser cutting solutions applied to cookware industry for disc manufacturing

Cookware DANOBAT
Cookware DANOBAT
Cookware DANOBAT
Cookware DANOBAT
  • More flexible than conventional manufacturing methods (presses)
    • Elimination of different dies for each disc diameter, as the laser is a universal tool that needs no tool change. This facilitates the launching of new prototypes.
    • Elimination of part size and weight limitations, enabling the cutting of discs of any size and thickness.
  • Possibility of cutting discs of different sizes at the same time so as to increase the use of material and meet urgent orders. 
  • Reduction in manufacturing costs and machine down-times.
  • The perfect solution for both short and long production runs.
  • Less space is required. No tool storage is needed.
  • Possibility of processing materials widely used in the sector such as stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, etc.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements.
A tailor-made solution for each application
Reduction in costs thanks to the use of a coil feeding system.

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