Components for construction, agricultural and mining machinery

Milling boring. High productivity in the machining of components for construction, agricultural and mining machinery.
  • High levels of production and productivity
  • Various machining operations on one single machine: milling, drilling, threading, precision boring
  • Machining in one single set-up
  • Pendular machining, minimising idle times
  • Unattended production
  • High levels of concentricity
  • Centralised tool magazine
  • Automatic head changing
  • Palletising systems for pieces
  • Ad-hoc software
Longitudinal traverse, “X” axis : 3000 ÷ 10000 mm
Vertical traverse, “Y” axis: 1800 / 2200 mm

Longitudinal traverse, “X” axis: 4000 ÷ 14000 mm
Vertical traverse, “Y” axis: 2600 ÷ 3200 mm

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