BOMBARDIER – increase in the productivity of bogiesImprovement in key manufacturing processes


Reducing the number of piece set-ups and production time for railway bogies


  • FR floor type milling-boring machine
  • Automatic head, horizontal head, angular head, boring head
  • Automatic head changing system
  • Vertical machining of the bogie for improved stock removal
  • Pendulum machining to prevent idle times
  • Full accessibility to the bogie for verification and measuring operations
  • Specialised design by SORALUCE for specific machine operations

At Bombardier Transportation we use SORALUCE travelling column milling and boring centres on production lines for the machining of bogie structures for ICE (Inter City Express) trains, trams and coaches. All machines are equipped with a clamping system specially designed for vertical machining, developed by SORALUCE.

“The selection criteria for SORALUCE machines included a large increase in productivity for us, based on time studies performed in advance,... and which have been retrospectively proven in production. And also specially by the technical aspects of the machine...”

  • Udo Stettner
  • Head of Maintenance
  • BOMBARDIER Transportation GmbH

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