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External grinding. 35 years of experience in working with the main maintenance workshops.

Precision grinding, deburring and measuring of the blade tips of gas turbine engine rotors. These machines grind the blade tips of the rotor while they are being spun at high speed, (up to 7000 rpm) thereby presenting the blades to the grinding wheel under the appropriate operating conditions. This feature ensures the highest degree of accuracy that can be obtained with current technologies.

Diametric tolerances can be held to 0.025 mm. This achievement is regarded as very important, because the clearance between the rotor blade tips and the outer housing has a critical bearing on the engines performance.

mBTG is typically used to grind and measure rotors such as CT7/T700, RTM322, CFM56, CF34, V2500, TP400, F404 and J85 among others and DANTIP is used for large engine rotors.

These machines can be supplied forming “Match Machining Cells” with DANOBAT VG vertical grinders as a complete solution for match machining and measuring the rotors and casings of the same engine.

External cylindrical grinding
External cylindrical grinding

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