The growing digitalisation of industry is opening up new possibilities for the manufacture of machine tools; smarter and therefore more efficient solutions that increase productivity, efficiency and flexibility because of the ready availability of comprehensive information about the status of machine and manufacturing process.

Capitalizing on the opportunities of the growing digitalisation in industry, it is now possible to have advanced services using the latest information and communication technology that ensures maximum machine availability and support in operation, programming and maintenance of the equipment.


  • HMI - Human-machine interface- to improve the interrelationship man machine, through an environment that simplifies machine operation, includes support for programming and specialised machining cycles, facilitates the maintenance reducing down-times, and provides information on how to reduce power consumption.
  • Data system, a set of services based on machine monitoring and Big Data to analyse the machining process and machine behaviour. You can use your tablet or mobile phone to check the status of the machine and, if necessary, optimise the process or anticipate possible failures.
  • Intelligent components, devices integrated in the machine that, based on the information received from multiple sensors, act to improve the performance and precision of machines, optimise the process times, increase the lifespan of tools, etc.
  • Control system, a computer application for full management of production lines. This system is independent of the manufacturer of the equipment, and hence it can be fitted on different types of machines; all information necessary to perform the given task is managed by the system: CNC programs, tools and tooling, etc. It can be included in other data management programs used on-site such as PLM, MES, ERP, etc.


Enter the digital manufacturing world and discover the latest developments that make the factory of the future a reality of today.

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