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Wheel Geometry Measuring Equipment

Specially Designed and conceived for the railway predictive maintenance.

Control of the wheel profile and its parameters measurement is essential for any rail maintenance activity.

The wheel can be measured without any mechanical contact, high-precision measurements can therefore be taken at variable speeds of up to 15 km/h.

The system controls the following rolling parameters with high precision and with no influence from external factors:    

  • Flange height.   
  • Flange thickness.   
  • qR factor.   
  • Distance between inner wheel faces (DCI).   
  • Distance between active wheel faces (DCA). 

The unit can interrelate with other workshop equipment, e.g. an underfloor wheel lathe. The data obtained can be processed by maintenance management software, making it a powerful diagnosis tool, for calculating the past wear to the wheels, for example.

Minimum of construction work.

The system may be installed on any track in the depot, roofed or open-air.