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Rolling Machine

Rolling machine for railway axles

The DANOBAT controlled rolling machine has been specifically designed and manufactured to carry out rolling operations of cylindrical and transition radii surfaces of railway axles. 

» Technical specifications

Min-max distance between centres 1200-2800 mm
Range of railway axle diameters to roll 90-255 mm
Rolling force range 0-50 kN
Maximum weight of part to be processed 1000 Kg
Working stroke of Z axe 2970 mm
Speeds range of Z axe 0-15000 mm/min
Working stroke of X axe 135 mm
Speed of X axe Hydraulically driven
Swivelling range of B axis -35º/0/35º
Rapid travel of B axis 4 min-1
S Axle rotation speeds range 0-250 min-1
Displacement stroke on the machine bed 1700 mm
Quill stroke 200 mm